The Wedding and Event Musician of Southern California


Ian Kauffman(LA Acoustic) is a professional guitarist and experienced wedding musician handling most special events in Southern California. And such events range from weddings, corporate functions to household gatherings. In addition to special events, I also work with managers and owners of restaurants, hotels, and other establishments who understand the importance of customer satisfaction. And in fact, I have some of the best live music to offer the people of Southern California. So to me it is a privilege and an honor to be able to provide high-quality live music for people of class. However, I do take this very seriously and as a result I want to see you happy and excited on the day of your special event.

Please rest assured, the actual sound quality itself is nice and easy on the ears. This is because I use professional standard sound-processing equipment. Classic solo performances work well for many events but you may be interested in hiring more musicians for a livelier event. Nothing is beyond reach. Simply let me know what you have in mind in the message section of the contact page. Above all, we can make your event more fun and exciting. You may also custom tailor your event to suit your needs because all events have their own personality.

Ian Kauffman is LA acoustic and plays for restaurants and hotels all over the southern california area from los angeles, san diego, orange county, ventura, santa barbara and beyond. He plays guitar music in the styles of classical, jazz, latin, and spanish. Music selection includes songs from many artists such as the eagles, santana, antonio carlos jobim, sting, bach, beatles, johnny cash, elvis, stevie wonder, billy joel, the beagies, sade, richie valens, los trios, and not to mention mexican oldies.This is the acouistic guitarist for weddings at a special event in southern california. Ian Kauffman live on a wedding in Palm Springs. Acoustic guitar player for weddings, acoustic guitar player for hire, wedding musicians san diego, los angeles wedding music, ceremony wedding music, hire a guitarist, spanish guitarist san diego, wedding songs spanish, wedding songs acoustic, spanish classical guitarist, spanish songs for weddings, san diego guitarist, spanish guitar player, weddings songs with guitar, los angeles guitarist, wedding entertainment near me, live music wedding ceremony, wedding musicians, musicians for a wedding, ceremony musician, wedding ceremony guitarist, musicians for a wedding ceremony, acoustic guitarist near me, spanish guitar musician, spanish guitarist los angeles, spanish guitar orange county, spanish guitar southern california, latin guitarist, bossa nova guitarist, modern acoustic wedding songs, classical guitar wedding music, wedding guitarist near me.

Hotels and Restaurants

If you own or manage a hotel or restaurant and you are considering having live music as a benefit for the clients, deciding on what style would best suit the needs of the business is crucial. And if you are serious about this then that means you care about the overall success of the establishment. Live music is a way of showing your guests that you have more to offer than the next place that serves food. It sets you apart from the competition and gives the guests a strong incentive to return which is the name of the game in the long run. 

Also keep in mind that because you now offer live music for your guests to enjoy, it is imperative to make the most of it. That means promoting this feature on your website, social media, within the business itself, as well as any other means feasible to inform the community of the live music. Be sure to include the specific dates and the time so that interested people can put that in their schedule. If you fail to let the community know about this then you are surely losing out on extra business. Unfortunately I have seen this happen and the restaurant eventually terminates the entertainment. So the bottom line is advertise the live music as a hot seller and you will see an increase in your average overall traffic. Also be patient as it does take a few months for this news to catch on with the people in the area as they begin to discover the extra incentive you are giving to them. I say this after having experienced both situations over the last fifteen years.

"Ian played an essential role with making our wedding truly an amazing day. Beginning from our initial contact, he was so kind and encouraging to work with and even going the extra mile to provide rehearsal music for my vocal soloist. Ian was the epitome of professionalism on our wedding day. I did not have a single concern or worry in his ability to provide the perfect music to our ceremony and cocktail hour. Truly a gifted wedding musician. I would HIGHLY recommend contacting him!" Sabrina Armstrong, Bride San Diego, California August 15, 2018